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Your Partner

Are you a Landlord in need of maintenance or remodeling services?  We can help! Whether you need recurring maintenance or a one-time job, Campus Handyman may be able to help! We too are investors and we understand everything about your rental including your maintenance/rehab needs, budget, deadline and tenant relations! Each client we have is set up a little different and no client is too large or too small! If you have a few rentals and you don't want to ever worry about maintenance again - we are exactly what you have been looking for!.

Scheduled Services

Let us take care of your scheduled maintenance, both inside and outside your properties! We know how important it is to keep your properties looking nice, but we also know how hard it is to stay on schedule with everything.  Let us take care of that for you!  Whether inside or out, we can perform all your scheduled maintenance for you.  Whether outside services like lawn care, bedding or general cleanup, or inside like furnace filter replacement or smoke detector batteries--we can handle it. We can sit down with you and create a schedule for all of your properties to make sure that  all the little things are done efficiently, automatically and on schedule.  Take a look at.