Hiring Experienced Apartment Maintenance Technicians

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Campus Handyman, the #1 landlord helper in Columbus, is excited to be growing along with our incredible city! Part of that growth includes the ability to offer quality jobs to skilled men and women who possess the qualities in our business philosophy and mission statement.

Qualified individuals will have experience in apartment maintenance and will provide references. In addition…

>You should present a polite and professional image (we’ll provide uniforms!)
>You should be able to work efficiently in a clean and economical manner.
>You should have common sense.
>You should be a team player who is optimistic, ambitious and excited to join our family!

To start, you will be paid in arrears as a 1099 independent contractor. You will be required to provide your ssn or ein, and to sign our independent contracting agreement. We will purchase all materials so there is no up front cost to you. A successful period as a 1099 contractor could lead to a full-time position (if desired).

If you meet the above qualifications, please email an introduction about yourself along with your resume &/or photos of your work to maintenance [at] campushandyman [dot] com.

We look forward to meeting you!


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