Weekly Grounds Pick-Up At High Traffic Rentals

If your rentals are in a highly populated or overly trafficked area, you may want to consider a regular grounds clean-up program. At Campus Handyman, we provide regularly scheduled grounds cleaning for a number of our Ohio State campus-area clients. Each Monday, one of our Exterior Specialists works a list of homes, picking up trash & debris and properly disposing of it.

While you should instruct your tenants to keep the exterior of their homes clean & free of trash/debris at all times, often they will not comply. Instead of being the landlord with the trashy home, spend a little extra time & money to have the grounds kept clean, and then bill it back to your residents if you choose.

Having Campus Handyman keep your homes clean & trash free is an easy decision for you as a landlord. Simply give us the directive and then let us do the job for you! Take your rentals to the next level and be that much better than your competing landlords in Columbus.

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