Prepare Your Lawns For Spring

lawnEach year, Mother Nature seems to do something to tell our lawns to start growing like crazy. Sometimes it happens in March and sometimes not until late May, but when it happens, we know. Our lawns seem to literally double in size overnight, causing a lawn maintenance nightmare when combined with sporadic rain and the volume of mowing multiple lawns.

As a Landlord, it’s important to keep your lawns looking great. Not only is the landscaping a reflection of you and your rentals, but it shows your tenants that you care about their home. Hopefully this inspires your tenants to keep their homes looking great, inside and out.

So what can you do to keep your lawns looking great? Here are a few tips:

-Start early: As soon as the growth spurt kicks in, plan to mow your lawns twice / week for the next month.

-Remind your residents to pick up trash so the lawns are ready to go when your landscapers arrive.

-Insist your landscapers pick up any remaining trash prior to mowing.

-Besides mowing, have your landscapers trim bushes and edge sidewalks, driveways and other beds.

-Be sure all clippings are blown or removed upon completion of mowing.

-Take pride in your rental and your residents will to!

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