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Know What Items Are Prohibited From Your Porches, Yards, Balconies & Roofs

Like it or not, the City of Columbus residential zoning code prohibits certain items from certain places in and around your home. This includes the porches, decks, balconies, roofs & yards at your rental properties and the home you live in.

At no time are you or your tenants allowed to have any of the following items in any of the aforementioned areas:

>Upholstered furniture (including mattresses & similar) and other similar products not designed, built and manufactured for outdoor use


>Household appliances

>Junk or salvage

>Construction equipment, lumber & building materials

>Cars, car parts & tires 

>Boats, RVs, Jet skis, airplanes.

Keep Your Tenants Off Your Roofs!

A large roof, even a roof over a porch or deck, can often entice your tenants to use it as a gathering space. It's not uncommon in Columbus, especially around Ohio State's campus, to see numerous people hanging out on their roofs. This includes laying out to sunbathe as well as general gathering. More often than not, alcohol is involved.

This is obviously a safety issue, and likely one that is clearly prohibited by your lease agreement. If not, you'll want to add a clause prohibiting anyone from using any space not specifically designed for gathering.

For example, some roofs have decking and handrails as they are specifically made to be.