Serious Problems In The University District & How You Can Help!

We have previously informed you of the crime problem in the OSU and off-campus area and we thank those of you who have taken action. Hopefully you all realize that anyone who owns property in the area should want to do whatever they can to reduce crime, educate tenants and make general area improvements as these things benefit everyone involved! Below are some issues we have noticed along with thoughts on how we can improve. Please do not hesitate to contact us with ideas of your own. We greatly appreciate if you consider sharing this with your renters and as many area property owners you can!

The Ohio State Off Campus University Area District

There are many serious problems in the university area, otherwise referred to as the university district, or off-campus housing, etc. While this area has many great things to offer, it also suffers from owners & renters whose ignorance can cause safety issues, garbage overflow, parking violations, theft, presence of strangers and more. Often times owners are simply unaware of their own failures and they in turn fail to educate their renters. These failures negatively affect more than just the homes in question.

Leaving cans in yards

We encourage all landlords to contact their renters to correct the myth that student tenants who cover their yards with beer cans are “giving to charity” or “helping the poor.”  The idea is selfish and self-serving in the first place–and offensive. But it is in no way true: on Saturday and Sunday mornings, people drive into the neighborhood, take out their brand-new garbage bags, and walk all over private property without permission. Of course, they only collect cans. They leave cups, bottles, and all other refuse behind.

Not just students. Lawyers, Doctors, Professors & Plumbers live here too

This kind of negligent attitude would not be tolerable if the neighborhood was all students, and it is certainly not correct when we consider that the UD is not just students – many residents are long-term residents who work nearby and have lived in their homes for years. Many student renters are surprised to learn this and sometimes simply knowing their neighbors are not also students can stop poor behavior.

Trash day is just one day, not every day!

Please remind and reinforce to your renters there are set days for the collection of regular garbage and recycling. (There are laws, too!) Containers should only be put out on pick-up days and removed within 24 hours. They should not be left by the curbs for extended periods. They are hazards. They are also knocked over by drunks. Garbage attracts rodents and vermin, and is an unsanitary public health hazard. Campus Handyman is always willing to help with your trash over flow. Contact us for more information.

Crime cannot be stopped but it can be minimized

The UD is experiencing another crime wave. The presence of strangers is part of this. So too is the students’ neglect of basic security and safety. They need to be reminded to lock windows and doors–of vehicles as well as homes–and report anything unusual to the police. That is why can collectors walking all over private property is especially problematic. Thieves break into dwellings and vehicles. They break windows. They look for small electronics, cell phones, computers, TVs, etc.–easy to sell. The less random people walking around our yards the easier it may be to spot a potential thief. Less strangers can also discourage a potential thief from attempting something stupid.

Encourage responsible fun

Fun is, well, fun! Who doesn’t like fun?! It would be silly (and completely futile) to try to discourage renters from enjoying their environment. What we can do is remind and encourage the renters to have responsible, safe fun. This includes reminders that being on a porch roof or house roof is never acceptable (many students like to do this while drinking copious amounts of alcohol). Drunks like to break outside mirrors on vehicles. Tenants are advised to fold them as close to cars as they can. Drunks and vandals also like to set fires, especially if there is upholstered furniture outside (which is highly flammable, illegal and should be common knowledge to all of your renters that it is strictly prohibited outside.) Noise ordinances exist and are enforced by the police, who can also search for underage drinking, open containers, etc. Please remind your tenants to use a reasonable volume, especially late at night, and to avoid violating any alcohol related laws.

Parking procedures

Though it doesn’t have to be, parking is a constant problem. Inexpensive permits are available to residents. Parking laws include leaving at least five feet from driveways and alleys. Police sometimes give tickets. On football game days, they will tow vehicles parked illegally, including those parked too close to alleys, driveways, stop signs, fire hydrants. Please educate your residents about their parking options and how to properly park in the area.


Our neighborhood has so much to offer but it also has many areas in which it can improve. We have found that a huge part of the problem is that many owners are simply unaware of these issues, and in turn their renters are also left unaware. We hope that together we can spread the word and each do our part to keep our neighborhood & our homes as safe and enjoyable as possible.

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