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Spring Means Check Your Central Air Conditioners!

Spring is a great time to own rental property. We can enjoy the warmer weather while working on our homes. Common tasks to knock out include landscaping, lawn mowing and clearing out any hidden trash from winter. However, one of the most important things you can do is often overlooked. Each spring, you should have a professional check your furnace and central airconditioning unit. This inspection should include the exterior condensing unit, the coil and all connections, lines, pumps, & drains. They should also change the furnace filter and clean the coil (if needed). This inspection, which shouldn't cost you much, is a little thing that can go a long way in both preventing problems before they.

Prepare Your Lawns For Spring

lawnEach year, Mother Nature seems to do something to tell our lawns to start growing like crazy. Sometimes it happens in March and sometimes not until late May, but when it happens, we know. Our lawns seem to literally double in size overnight, causing a lawn maintenance nightmare when combined with sporadic rain and the volume of mowing multiple lawns. As a Landlord, it's important to keep your lawns looking great. Not only is the landscaping a reflection of you and your rentals, but it shows your tenants that you care about their home. Hopefully this inspires your tenants to keep their homes looking great, inside and out. So.

Turnover: It’s Never Too Early To Prepare!

Turnover 2013 The move-in and move-out season will be here before we know it as July 31 is right around the corner. Be sure to plan ahead for your Turnover - walk your units early this summer (or have us do it for you) and be ahead of any prep work you may need to do. We also recommend that you never schedule move-ins until August 12th or later. Most owners write a default move-in date of August 15th into their leases, and then give an option to move-in early. Keep an eye out for more information about this year's upcoming Turnover Season..