Efficiently Writing Your Lease Dates

Campus area landlords know that the move-in and move-out season for OSU off-campus housing can be a hectic and expensive time for property owners.

However, good planning can alleviate some of the expense and frustration of this busy time, and good planning starts with forward thinking.

As you start to market and lease your homes for the upcoming school year, consider writing your leases with move-in dates of August 15 (or later) through July 31. This will allow you (or us) ample time to inspect, improve and clean the unit as needed.

Nearly all of the landlords we service have 12 month leases, with 12 equal payments that start on August 1st, and a set move-in date of August 15th. [Meaning there is no rent loss]

Remember, move-ins dates can always be moved up after the fact, but if you guarantee earlier dates when you write your leases, you can’t go back and get extra days to prepare the unit in August should you need them!

Should you have any leasing questions or any maintenance needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

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