Furnace & Cold Weather Reminders For Your Rentals

Below are helpful reminders for you and your tenants. Your goal should be a warm home with an efficient furnace! As the #1 landlord helper in Columbus, Campus Handyman is here to help.

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Thermostat Settings
As it gets colder you’ll want to remember to keep your thermostat set around 68 degrees. Keeping it much higher will result in very expensive gas bills. Keeping it off is not an option as the heat is needed to ensure the pipes do not freeze!

Be sure your thermostat is set to ‘Heat’ and ‘Auto’

Leaving For Fall & Winter Break
If you leave your home for break please be sure to keep your furnace on. Lowering the thermostat to ~60 degrees is acceptable, but under no circumstances should you turn off your furnace. Needless to say, busted pipes due to a resident shutting off the furnace is a billable occurrence that will be very expensive.

Furnace Problems
If you are having problems with your furnace please submit a work order to Campus Handyman as soon as possible to ensure your request is promptly remedied!

Tips On Keeping Your Home Warm 
If you’ve rented before you should know that gas is expensive. Be smart about your budget and plan ahead this winter.
-Keep all doors in the home closed at all times
-Place something at the foot of all exterior doors to help keep cold air out (blanket)
-Cover all windows with plastic (inexpensive and sold at Lowe’s, Home Depot & similar)
-Keep the thermostat set lower (62-66) and dress a little warmer!
-Submit a maintenance request for any weather stripping in need of repair

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