Precautions For Extreme Cold!

Extreme Cold Precautions

Falling temperatures increase the chances of your pipes freezing. Please be aware of the forecast as it currently calls for very cold weather and you will need to take action. Below is information that will hopefully prevent pipes from freezing before they become a major problem.

  • Advise your residents to temporarily turn on your cold and warm water in every sink so that there is a slow drip coming from both the hot and cold side. The water does not have to be running, it only needs to be a slow drip that is enough to keep the water moving throughout the water lines.
  • Advise your residents to leave all bathroom doors open so that warm air can circulate. If there are heat vents in the bathroom make sure that they are open.
  • Advise your residents to open the cabinets below your kitchen sink and in your bathroom if you have a sink with a vanity as this will allow warm air to circulate more freely.
  • Advise your residents to make sure all doors and windows are closed and locked.
  • Advise your residents to know where your water main shut off is located.
  • If you notice that a bathroom or kitchen is unusually cold, notify Campus Handyman immediately.
If you have a sink that will not turn on or a toilet that will not flush it may be because the line is frozen. Follow the instructions below. If a pipe bursts and water is flowing:
  • Go to the water main and turn the water off.
  • If you have a portable heater, safely put it in the frozen area. Make sure heat vents are open, cabinets are open, and heat is circulating.
  • When the line defrosts, it has the greatest chance of breaking so please be prepared and make sure that the water is turned off.
If you have any questions or if you believe you have a frozen line, please contact Campus Handyman immediately! There is a reason that we are the number one provider of maintenance and repairs for your rentals in and around Columbus, OH. Landlords in #Cbus have relied on us for years because they know that we care about your investment property as much as we care about our own.

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