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Free Preventive Inspections!

Did you know that as a subscribed client you are entitled to a Preventive Maintenance Inspection once per month at each of your rental units?! Your monthly subscription fee covers this inspection and we highly recommend that you schedule one at each unit at least every other month. Simply use the maintenance request form on our website to submit your request!


Tips For Winterizing Your Properties

Winter can be a dangerous time for both the houses and apartments we live in and those we rent out. As temperatures continue to fall, proactive preventative maintenance becomes more and more important. As we've previously stated, extreme cold can severely harm your assets.

About.com has a plethora of tips for winterizing your property that can help you to prepare for a winter storm.

We recommend reading up and taking as many proactive measures as possible.

Do not hesitate to contact Campus Handyman for help with any of your needs. Our clients know that we are Columbus' #1 home maintenance.

Furnace Inspection > Furnace Problem

Mother Nature is starting to chill and winter is not far away. If you haven't already, you're likely to turn on your furnace very soon. Before you fire up your furnace at home and in your rentals think about a preventative maintenance check and filter change for your HVAC mechanicals. We recommend furnace inspections be done each Fall and Spring, prior to the heavy use seasons. These inspections are inexpensive and can be worth their weight in gold should they save you from a major HVAC problem. Besides the obvious benefits of preventative maintenance, these bi-annual inspections also help increase the lifespan of your major mechanicals. Don't hesitate to contact Campus Handyman for any help with your HVAC systems.