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Know What Items Are Prohibited From Your Porches, Yards, Balconies & Roofs

Like it or not, the City of Columbus residential zoning code prohibits certain items from certain places in and around your home. This includes the porches, decks, balconies, roofs & yards at your rental properties and the home you live in.

At no time are you or your tenants allowed to have any of the following items in any of the aforementioned areas:

>Upholstered furniture (including mattresses & similar) and other similar products not designed, built and manufactured for outdoor use


>Household appliances

>Junk or salvage

>Construction equipment, lumber & building materials

>Cars, car parts & tires 

>Boats, RVs, Jet skis, airplanes.

Columbus Landlords To Face Stiff Penalties

If you own a home that you rent out to others, you have a legal and moral obligation to maintain the home to a certain standard. If you do not, you could face fines, penalties and even jail time for violating Columbus City Codes.

Negligent property owners are about to get a rude awakening: Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman is soon asking the City Council to increase the severity of fines and jail time for negligent landlords. In addition, the Mayor is asking for over a half million dollars to hire additional code enforcement officers.

"Those... must be held accountable," said the Mayor. "If they are unmotivated to take care of their.