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Precautions For Extreme Cold!

Extreme Cold Precautions

Falling temperatures increase the chances of your pipes freezing. Please be aware of the forecast as it currently calls for very cold weather and you will need to take action. Below is information that will hopefully prevent pipes from freezing before they become a major problem.

  • Advise your residents to temporarily turn on your cold and warm water in every sink so that there is a slow drip coming from both the hot and cold side. The water does not have to be running, it only needs to be a slow drip that is enough to keep the water moving throughout the water lines.
  • Advise your residents to.

Shower Curtains Are Useful – But Only If Used!

Leaks can be a tricky issue in all homes, but especially in rentals where the tenants change often. This changeover may lead to confusion as the tenants may assume a water issue around their tub is a leak - when in fact a lot of the calls we receive are a result of mis-used or non-existing shower liners.

It's shocking how often renters are not aware of the proper way to use a shower liner & curtain. Educate your renters. If you don't provide shower curtains and liners, be sure to inform your tenants about what they need and how to use them.

First, a clear plastic liner is a necessity..

Clogged Drains

Clean and efficient pipes are a necessity in any successful rental property. If your tenants cannot use their sinks and toilets without fear of a backup or clog, you are setting yourself up for unhappy tenants and potentially costly repairs. A simple solution is to clean your main drain once every 12-18 months. If you have regular tenant turnover, make it a habit to clean your lines after each move-out. This simple but crucial bit of preventative maintenance can go a long way toward maintaining your asset and keeping great tenant relations. We also recommend regularly clearing heavily used lines, such as the common shower and common sink. Campus Handyman provides lots of plumbing services, including main.