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Nearly All Leaves Have Fallen. Get Your Gutters Cleaned Now!

As we've previously stated, it's imperative to clean your gutters regularly, especially each Fall/Winter after the leaves have fallen & before major snowfall.

Clogged gutters can lead to a plethora of future problems that may be both hard to identify and hard to solve. Instead of playing the guessing game with leaks & major water intrusion or foundation problems, be proactive. Budget for two gutter cleanings per year & be sure to complete at least one each Fall.

Campus Handyman is proud to provide gutter cleaning services for your rentals around Columbus. Don't hesitate to contact us to help protect your.

Weekly Grounds Pick-Up At High Traffic Rentals

If your rentals are in a highly populated or overly trafficked area, you may want to consider a regular grounds clean-up program. At Campus Handyman, we provide regularly scheduled grounds cleaning for a number of our Ohio State campus-area clients. Each Monday, one of our Exterior Specialists works a list of homes, picking up trash & debris and properly disposing of it.

While you should instruct your tenants to keep the exterior of their homes clean & free of trash/debris at all times, often they will not comply. Instead of being the landlord with the trashy home, spend a little extra time & money to have the grounds kept clean,.

Furnace & Cold Weather Reminders For Your Rentals

Below are helpful reminders for you and your tenants. Your goal should be a warm home with an efficient furnace! As the #1 landlord helper in Columbus, Campus Handyman is here to help.

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Thermostat Settings As it gets colder you'll want to remember to keep your thermostat set around 68 degrees. Keeping it much higher will result in very expensive gas bills. Keeping it off is not an option as the heat is needed to ensure the pipes do not freeze!

Be sure your thermostat is set to 'Heat' and 'Auto' Leaving For Fall & Winter Break If you leave your home.