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Refer A Landlord & We’ll Give You $100!

Campus Handyman Referral Program

Campus Handyman is the #1 landlord helper in Columbus. We help landlords to ensure their rental properties are kept in great shape and that all day-to-day maintenance is promptly & efficiently resolved.

We take great pride in caring for our clients, their rental properties and their tenants. The best compliment that we can receive to validate our vision is being referred to other investors.

If you are currently a client and you know other investors who may benefit from our services, please do not hesitate to refer them our way!

Once your referral.

Landlords Need To Know About Savings!

If you are a part-time landlord, you may be in for a rude awakening when it comes to capital expenditures for your rental(s). Often times, people who own rental property as an aside to their career come in to owning it without studying the long-term risks associated with owning investment property.

For example, you get married and move in with your spouse, but you hold onto your house and start to rent it out. It cash flows nicely, netting you around $400/month. Should you automatically act as if you're going to earn an extra $5k/year? Of course not! No matter how high your profit margins are to make that $400/month, the $4,800/year.

Columbus Landlords To Face Stiff Penalties

If you own a home that you rent out to others, you have a legal and moral obligation to maintain the home to a certain standard. If you do not, you could face fines, penalties and even jail time for violating Columbus City Codes.

Negligent property owners are about to get a rude awakening: Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman is soon asking the City Council to increase the severity of fines and jail time for negligent landlords. In addition, the Mayor is asking for over a half million dollars to hire additional code enforcement officers.

"Those... must be held accountable," said the Mayor. "If they are unmotivated to take care of their.