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Columbus Landlords To Face Stiff Penalties

If you own a home that you rent out to others, you have a legal and moral obligation to maintain the home to a certain standard. If you do not, you could face fines, penalties and even jail time for violating Columbus City Codes.

Negligent property owners are about to get a rude awakening: Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman is soon asking the City Council to increase the severity of fines and jail time for negligent landlords. In addition, the Mayor is asking for over a half million dollars to hire additional code enforcement officers.

"Those... must be held accountable," said the Mayor. "If they are unmotivated to take care of their.

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Tips For Winterizing Your Properties

Winter can be a dangerous time for both the houses and apartments we live in and those we rent out. As temperatures continue to fall, proactive preventative maintenance becomes more and more important. As we've previously stated, extreme cold can severely harm your assets. has a plethora of tips for winterizing your property that can help you to prepare for a winter storm.

We recommend reading up and taking as many proactive measures as possible.

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