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Preparing For Campus Turnover

Many of Campus Handyman's clients have rental units in the University District. This unique slice of Columbus is home to thousands of renters, the vast majority of which are students nearby at The Ohio State University.

Because of the school calendar nearly all of these renters have leases that begin in August and end in July, creating a huge overflow of move-out & move-in traffic during this time.

At Campus Handyman, we recommend efficiently writing your lease dates so that you have adequate time to properly prepare your rentals for move-in. You have a moral (and legal) responsibility to properly prepare the.

Refer A Landlord & We’ll Give You $100!

Campus Handyman Referral Program

Campus Handyman is the #1 landlord helper in Columbus. We help landlords to ensure their rental properties are kept in great shape and that all day-to-day maintenance is promptly & efficiently resolved.

We take great pride in caring for our clients, their rental properties and their tenants. The best compliment that we can receive to validate our vision is being referred to other investors.

If you are currently a client and you know other investors who may benefit from our services, please do not hesitate to refer them our way!

Once your referral.

Landlords Need To Know About Savings!

If you are a part-time landlord, you may be in for a rude awakening when it comes to capital expenditures for your rental(s). Often times, people who own rental property as an aside to their career come in to owning it without studying the long-term risks associated with owning investment property.

For example, you get married and move in with your spouse, but you hold onto your house and start to rent it out. It cash flows nicely, netting you around $400/month. Should you automatically act as if you're going to earn an extra $5k/year? Of course not! No matter how high your profit margins are to make that $400/month, the $4,800/year.