Extreme Cold Can Cause Extreme Problems For Landlords!

As we’ve previously told you, extremely cold weather can be a very serious situation with regard to our health, our pets health, and our rental properties.

Not only do we want to stay inside and keep our pets inside (do not leave them in your car!), we want to be proactive in protecting our rental properties and primary residences from the extreme cold.

Weather like we are currently experiencing in Columbus can be especially dangerous when combined with a furnace issue. A simple expired pilot light can allow the house temperature to drop dramatically, and if it drops far enough there is a chance some of your pipes will freeze and burst.

Don’t let this happen! Take steps to ensure your homes are not a victim of the extreme cold. Educate your residents and remind them that no one wants a busted pipe situation! Be sure to review our reminders, our tips for winterizing your homes & our furnace and heat tips. Do not hesitate to contact us to help protect your assets.

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