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Turnover For Off Campus Houses At Ohio State Is Just 2 Weeks Away!

As you know, it's never too early to prepare for the move-in and move-out season, commonly known as 'Turnover' at The Ohio State University.

Don't look now, but it's already July 15th! Most move-outs begin in just 16 days and move-ins begin shortly after that.

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The Ohio State University.

Shower Curtains Are Useful – But Only If Used!

Leaks can be a tricky issue in all homes, but especially in rentals where the tenants change often. This changeover may lead to confusion as the tenants may assume a water issue around their tub is a leak - when in fact a lot of the calls we receive are a result of mis-used or non-existing shower liners.

It's shocking how often renters are not aware of the proper way to use a shower liner & curtain. Educate your renters. If you don't provide shower curtains and liners, be sure to inform your tenants about what they need and how to use them.

First, a clear plastic liner is a necessity..