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Why Columbus Landlords Are Praising Campus Handyman

For over 5 years, Campus Handyman has been providing high quality maintenance solutions to landlords in and around Columbus. Here's a little bit about us: We are a locally owned company, and we are proud of it. We specialize in providing day-to-day maintenance services for rental homes around Columbus, Ohio. We have received countless compliments from Columbus landlords who often say they never knew owning rental property did not have to cause them anxiety over providing quality and timely repairs to their tenants. Our name came from the fact that many of the rentals we service are near the campus of The Ohio State University. We service landlords, tenants, and rental homes all around Columbus. Our services are affordable because.

Make The Best Of Springtime Rain

Springtime in Ohio can bring lots of rain. Not only does this cause our lawns to grow like weeds, but it can bring havoc to our roofs, gutters, foundations and ceilings if our homes aren't properly prepared. As a landlord, you should always be thinking about improving your homes, not just maintaining them. Springtime thunderstorms are a perfect excuse to check for leaks. We recommend checking your roof, and all gutters, downspouts and seams. We also recommend a basic foundation and basement inspection as well. You can also reach out to your tenants to ask if they have noticed any water intrusion during the storms. Some of the time, our.

Spring Means Check Your Central Air Conditioners!

Spring is a great time to own rental property. We can enjoy the warmer weather while working on our homes. Common tasks to knock out include landscaping, lawn mowing and clearing out any hidden trash from winter. However, one of the most important things you can do is often overlooked. Each spring, you should have a professional check your furnace and central airconditioning unit. This inspection should include the exterior condensing unit, the coil and all connections, lines, pumps, & drains. They should also change the furnace filter and clean the coil (if needed). This inspection, which shouldn't cost you much, is a little thing that can go a long way in both preventing problems before they.