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Showing Your Rentals To Your Leads

Campus Handyman is the #1 home maintenance services provider in Columbus. But besides repairing and maintaining your homes, we can also help you keep them leased.

By using Campus Handyman as an Agent for your leasing appointments, you can be sure you never miss a single lead!

If you need help showing your homes, do not hesitate to contact us. You set the appointment and our Agent will meet your leads at your rentals to show them around.

Many of our out-of-state clients are able to keep their buildings well maintained and fully leased without ever setting foot in Ohio, let alone Columbus!


Help Make Our Neighborhoods Safer

We received the email below from one of our clients and we couldn't be happier to do as much as possible to help increase the resources used to fight crime around Ohio State.

Please reach out to the local police departments and voice your concern. You can quickly & easily contact them via email, Facebook, Twitter, or a phone call.

Dear Campus Handyman:

The reports that there have recently been multiple break-ins and serious armed robberies around the Ohio State campus are disturbing.

We'd like your help in passing along contact information for both the OSU Police as well as the Columbus Division.

Fall Gutter Cleaning Is A Must

Don't look now, but The Ohio State Buckeyes are playing football, there are brown leaves on the ground and colorful leaves in the trees. Fall is here!

Fall brings OSU football with it, but it also brings damaging dead leaves that can attack your assets and cause problems for you on a number of fronts.

As a property owner, you should always be thinking about protecting your assets. One easy way to protect your roofs, gutters, downspouts, & foundations is to have your gutters cleaned once most of the leaves have fallen. This simple, yet often overlooked preventative maintenance technique can pay huge dividends by preventing just one water intrusion.