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Kwikset SmartKey Locks Make Great Master Locks!

As we've previously told you, having a master lock system is a huge benefit to you as a landlord. Locks like the Kwikset SmartKey lock now allow for you to re-key the lock without removing the cylinder! This is a huge time saver and makes it well worth the investment into these kinds of locks! Below are 4 pictures showing an example of how the Kwikset SmartKey locks work. At first glance, the lock appears no different than any other deadbolt. However a small hole allows for the front plate to spin 180 degrees, covering the resident key hole and exposing another key hole. This second hole, shown in.

Nearly All Leaves Have Fallen. Get Your Gutters Cleaned Now!

As we've previously stated, it's imperative to clean your gutters regularly, especially each Fall/Winter after the leaves have fallen & before major snowfall.

Clogged gutters can lead to a plethora of future problems that may be both hard to identify and hard to solve. Instead of playing the guessing game with leaks & major water intrusion or foundation problems, be proactive. Budget for two gutter cleanings per year & be sure to complete at least one each Fall.

Campus Handyman is proud to provide gutter cleaning services for your rentals around Columbus. Don't hesitate to contact us to help protect your.

Limited Campus Turnover Available!

If you are an owner of rental real estate near the Ohio State University off-campus area, you should be quite familiar with the fun and super busy time that is Turnover.

This period, which begins in late July and ends in mid-August sees thousands of renters move out of their homes only for thousands of new renters to move-in just a week or two later (so long as landlords use correct dating in their leases!)

Campus Handyman helps dozens of landlords get through this turbulent time. Our clients can rest easy knowing that so long.