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Precautions For Extreme Cold!

Extreme Cold Precautions

Falling temperatures increase the chances of your pipes freezing. Please be aware of the forecast as it currently calls for very cold weather and you will need to take action. Below is information that will hopefully prevent pipes from freezing before they become a major problem.

  • Advise your residents to temporarily turn on your cold and warm water in every sink so that there is a slow drip coming from both the hot and cold side. The water does not have to be running, it only needs to be a slow drip that is enough to keep the water moving throughout the water lines.
  • Advise your residents to.

Proactively Check For Water Leaks In Your Rentals

Water leaking in or around your rental properties is never a good thing. Most leaks are easy to identify and simple to solve. Some leaks, however, are not as easy to identify, and if left undiscovered they can have a serious negative impact on your business and your rental properties. We recommend regularly checking your units for leaks, including constantly running toilets, small faucet drips, and revolving water meters. We perform a leak and meter check at each preventative maintenance inspection. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about how we can help protect your assets.    .

Preventive Maintenance Inspections

Many of our clients have us inspect their rental homes and apartments on a regular basis, usually once per month, via our preventive maintenance inspection. During each inspection we perform a variety of tasks including: -Check for leaks -Change furnace filters -Check smoke detectors -Check fire extinguishers -Document signs of resident abuse & other lease violations -Pick up perimeter trash -Identify potential problems Campus Handyman is Columbus' #1 rental property maintenance service provider, and we are glad to inspect your units to keep them as valuable as possible. Whether you have us perform your inspections or if you do them yourself, we cannot emphasize enough how much of a positive impact regular inspections have had for our clients..